Spirits in my Home

Do you believe that something paranormal is occurring in your home? Let me start by saying a large majority of what people perceive to be possible paranormal activity, has a perfectly natural explanation that may not be obvious to them at the time they are experiencing it. Thinking that the events are paranormal, people sometimes wonder if they are in danger and don't know what to do about the situation. Should they move out? Should they talk to the "spirits"or should they ignore them? The paranormal is a subject that is not easy to talk about for many people. They don't want to be thought of as crazy. Should I contact a "Ghost Hunter"?
Before you decide to have someone investigate your home, let me suggest you try some detective work of your own first. Try to relax and observe with some rational thought even if you feel scared of the events. For example, could those ghostly footsteps just be creaky floorboards or the house settling? Could the cold chill merely be a draft? Could the shadows youv'e been seeing simply be a trick of the light in the room or a reflection? Maybe these things have explanations and maybe they don't but sometimes it's very easy to let your immagination get away from you. Try to document any events in as much detail as possible....Time, Date, Description of Event, Witnesses present Etc... If you still believe that your location is haunted and youv'e decided to contact a Paranormal Investigator, you need to choose one that is not going to take your accounting of the events that you experienced as fact. A good investigator will listen and look for natural causes to these events and not jump to the conclusion that your place must be haunted.
Your documentation will greatly aid the investigators in developing a pattern for the activity and assist them in setting up a strategy for the investigation.
Another thing I should mention is that despite what some people would have you believe, "Ghosts"are not evil or "Demons" and they are not likely to do you any harm. In fact the cases of people actually being hurt by ghosts are very, very rare. You are more likely to be hurt while running away from a ghost than by the ghost itself. Just as there are good and bad people among the living, there are good and bad among those who have passed.
Back to choosing an investigator... There are hundreds of websites with so-called Paranormal Investigators, from the good ones to the ones who run around cemeteries at night without permission snapping photos and trying to catch a glimpse of a "Ghost", thinking that this constitutes an investigation when in fact it couldn't be further from what is actually an investigation. here are some tips to consider before choosing an Investigator:
1. If the website only offers an E-Mail address to contact them, make sure that you are able to obtain a phone number from them when you contact them.
2.. Once you have the phone number, contact the investigator and obtain their first and last name. If they will not provide this information to you , they are probably not serious Investigators, just wishfull ghost hunters out for a thrill
3. Try to determine by the way that the website is presented if these are people that you would like to have come to your home.
4. Remember , good researchers do not dabble in "magic", the occult or offer "cleansings". Credible investigators do not employ these methods.
5.They should not charge for their services. If you are asked to pay for their services, go with someone else. It should be noted however that if a "Ghost Hunter" is expected to travel (ecspecially overnight ) to reach a location, it should be expected for you to re-imburse them for their expenses.
6. Legitimate "Ghost Hunters " will only come to your home by invitation, they will not just show up and ask to investigate.The only exception to this is when your location is a known location or public location with a history of haunting. If this is the case , judge the researcher on his or her merits..
7.Now that you believe that you have a legitimate investigator, you need to check their credentials and references from past investigations.
8. Remember that if at any time during the investigation you become uncomfortable with what is going on, you have the absolute right to cancel the investigation. The investigators are there at your request and must abide by your wishes.

Once you have chosen an investigator, they will need to determine if an on-site investigation is warranted. They will ask you alot of questions about the information that you have gathered on the events taking place. Remember that legitimate research groups will usually consist of no more than 4 or 5 individuals. An investigation can seem rather intrusive with all of the equipment, questions, people in your home etc.. but the questions are necessary for the investigation to be well executed.The investigators should not be drinking or smoking at any time. They should arrive with a healthy skepticism trying to debunk your reports but being open to all possibilities. They should be able to use their equipment. if there is a question about any phase of the investigation make sure you bring it to te attention of the lead investigator. They should not arrive at your location with any media or news reporters unless you have requested it. Try not to have anyone present other than those directly involved with the investigation. This can quickly turn the investigation into a circus.As the investigation continues the investigators will be filming, mapping the location, taking photographs and looking for any anomalies with their equipment.
Sometimes the activity being reported doesn't happen during the investigation. Its kind of like when your tv doesn't work and you call for a repairman to come out and when he does the tv works. don't be discouraged by this, if the investigagator feels that a return visit is called for he will suggest it. A legitimate investigator will always follow up on a case.. Please be reassured that Ghosts are not there to harm you in almost every case, a family can peacefully coincide with a spirit. If for whatever reason you feel that this is not possible, the investigator should try to point you in the direction of someone who can help you.
Remember that if a medium is brought in they should not try to pump you for to much information up front. They should be able to gather their impressions on their own if they are legitimate.
We hope that the information that we have provided has helped you make an informed choice with regards to what investigators you choose and we hope that you will consider us to help you.