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If you know of a location that may be haunted in Southwest Florida or if you believe that you or someone you know may be experiencing a haunting, send us your story and contact info and we will be in touch with you.
We will soon be posting some of the more interesting reports of local paranormal activity here. These stories may include but not be limited to such topics as Ghosts,Near Death Experiences, Demons, Spirit Photography, EVP Research, ITC Research, UFO sightings etc.
This photo was taken at the scene of a house fire at a private location. There was nobody on the porch at the time.
The following story was sent to SWFLPR and is an example of how not all paranormal experiences are scary or evil. In fact many may be divine messages of help for those in need and it is up to those whom the message was intended for to make the personal choice to act on it.

A message from Heaven

Something happened to me one year ago today that I've only told to a handful of people. I've hesitated posting this tonight, but am posting it anyway.
>>> My wife had that massive stroke on 12/1/14, had half of her skull removed the next day to relieve the pressure, and on 12/19 was sent to a rehab hospital. By that point, I had barely slept for 3 weeks. She had opened her eyes and showed some small responses, but I had begun to doubt how much she would really recover. I feared the one women in my life who really loved me, now didn't really know who I was. I feared by saving her life, I had condemned her to years in a nursing home unaware of her surroundings and I feared losing our home to medical bills. The first few days at the rehab hospital had not gone well and I walked in there on this day feeling about as low as one can feel.
>>> I walked into her room and found it empty except for a lady mopping the floor. I asked her why isn't my wife here and she replied that I'd have to speak to her doctor about that. My knees buckled and then she said, " but if you want to go see your wife she's down the hall last room on the left. We doubled her up with a roommate now". I bolted down there and found her staring at the ceiling with tears running down her face. I had officially reached rock bottom.
>>> In walked a man wearing hospital scrub pants and a sweater. He was a black male, I'd say in his late 20s early 30s. He said Mr Nickerson I've been waiting to meet you and I want you to know I've taken a very special interest in your wife. I asked if he was her Dr. and he said no I just help out around here. Your wife reminds me of my mother. She had a stroke and was brought here. Her skull had been removed on the same side and she had that same look in her eyes. That's what drew me to your wife. I asked him what wound up happening to his mother and he replied that she had died. Not the answer I expected.
>>> He told me to listen carefully to what he had to say because he wanted to make sure the same thing didn't happen to my wife. These places are all about the Insurance and when that runs out, things could get bad. You must know this. Her recovery and how much she recovers is in your hands. You must be her voice. You must fight for her and when they tell you to give up on her you must say no. This is what you must do. You must love her. You must pray for her. I told him I'd been with her every day since it happened and I've been kneeling at the foot of my bed every night like a 4 year old boy praying for her every night. He replied (oddly now that I think of it) " yes I know you have and that's exactly what you need to continue doing. Also bring in pictures of her family and show them to her. Put her TV on her favorite shows. Do everything you can think of to remind her of who she was before the stroke and that will help her come back to her fullest possible recovery. Keep talking to her and encouraging her and never quit". He then said that he had to leave now but know this. Have comfort knowing that when you're not here, I will always be here keeping an eye on her. Then as he got to the doorway he said " Music has a way of bringing people back to certain places in their lives. Play music for her. I told him I had some songs of hers on my I phone and would add more and bring that in. He said "perfect " gave me a thumbs up and started out the door. It occurred to me that she might have trouble with headphones so maybe those earbud ones might work so I followed him out the door to ask if he thought that would be okay. I was maybe 2-3 seconds behind him out that door, but he had vanished. There was no way he could have gone the length of that hallway, so I figured he must have gone into one of the other rooms. I looked into each one but no sign of him anywhere.
>>> I spent the next 2 months at that hospital and was there 4-5 hours every single day. I walked the hallways, ate supper in the cafeteria with the staff, but I never saw that man again. I did however, follow his advise and things started improving soon afterwards. The music had her tapping her foot and on Christmas Day when our 2 grandkids came to visit, she lit up with excitement and you could tell she knew who they were, which reassured me that she knew who I was. She improved slowly but steadily from that point on and has been home in my care since last May.
>>> Like I said, I've only told a handful of people this story and I've gotten several theories about who that man was ranging from Janet's Guardian Angel, an angel, God himself, the ghost of someone who's mother had passed there, to the most logical and probable one, that he was a staff member that I just never saw again even though he told me he'd always be there watching her. Whatever the case may be, he came into my life right at the exact moment I needed someone and he said exactly what I needed to hear and it had a profound effect on the course my life took this past year. You never quite know the affect you'll have on someone else's life in our daily interactions.
>>> As for what I believe.... My brain tells me he was just a worker that I never ran into again. My heart tells me I shook hands with her Guardian Angel. Since I have a lot of Irish in me, my heart often overrules my brain. In any case, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!