Investigation Requests

We perform all of our investigations and the research connected with them completely free of charge using our time and money to perform this service. We require only a few conditions from our clients:
1. If there are children living in the home, please make arrangements for them to be at a friend or family member's home on the night of the investigation. We ask this because if the children are present, there is a safety issue (tripping over wires and equipment) and there is also the possibility that the children will taint any audio recordings that might have been obtained.
2. Only the adults living in the home should be present. Please do not have friends or other family members come over to watch the "Ghost Hunt". Our time is valuable to us. We do not do this to entertain.
3. Please, No smoking or drinking alcohol while we are in the home. This is for our safety and the integrity of the process (witness crediblity etc...)
We are not "GhostBusters", we do not go into investigations for the purpose of "getting rid" of the ghosts. We perform scientific and historical research and upon completion of evidence review, we provide the client a copy of the report and any video or audio evidence obtained. We will offer our opinion of our findings and in the case of non threatening events we may offer suggestions on how to coincide with the "presence". If the situation warrants we will do our best to provide the client with the resources and contacts for further assistance.

Please read the "Spirits in my Home" section before going to the "Contact Us" section to request an investigation.