Mission Statement

Dedicated to fact finding research of paranormal events.

We shall endeavor to pursue the truth regarding reported paranormal activity by conducting thorough,scientific and historical research in our investigations. We follow the evidence, wherever it may lead us, be it natural or "supernatural" causes.
All investigations conducted are strictly "No Charge", however we will accept donations to help offset the operational and logistical costs such as batteries, gas and lodging (when travel is required).

We will always conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous and respectful manner during the performance of our duties as investigators and we are to be constantly mindful of the fact that our client's safety and well being are the primary concern.Keeping our clients informed and respecting their wishes to the best of our ability through all phases of the investigation is essential to the successful conclusion of the investigation.
We are to be constantly vigilant about procuring solid, non biased, verifiable scientific and historical evidence of the paranormal and shall always remain "optimistically skeptical" in our approach when obtaining said evidence.
If at any time during the course of an investigation, the activity occurring seems to be beyond the scope of our abilities we will be obliged to do our best to put the client in touch with someone who can provide further assistance if at all possible.

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